Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why Give a Monogrammed or Personalized Gift?

When giving a monogrammed gift, first and foremost, it tells the recipient that you cared enough to "personalize" their gift.

Usually, monogramming or personalizing a gift takes more time and thought than just picking up something off the "shelf" and giving it.

Furthermore, in some cases, you may not know the recipient's middle initial or name and it takes a little bit of "digging" to find out their middle name. When you give someone a gift that includes their initials, they will know you really cared to find out those initials! The old saying: "It's the thought that counts" really applies here!

Another reason why you should consider giving a gift that is monogrammed or personalized is that the gift becomes more "personal". Even if the gift you give is not exactly what the recipient wants, I guarantee they will be pleased with the thought that went into it. I also guarantee, they will hang onto the gift for many years to come, as the gift is personalized and can't really be useful to anyone else!

Some really popular monogrammed or personalized gifts are monogrammed wood serving trays (since they aren't gender specific), best friends personalized wine glasses, custom monogrammed wine glasses are great for the wedding couple, personalized designer clipboards are great for any lady in your life (even the teens), guys really enjoy getting a monogrammed steak branding iron (even college logos for the college road trips), popular keepsake gifts for the little ones are ceramic personalized birth plates, and a wonderful gift that can be personalized for anyone is a picture frame that includes a special photo you pick out for them!